Driving Business Performance: Strategies For Cost-Effective Workforce Planning

Details: Thursday July 2nd, 2020. 12 pm

About the Webinar

A direct relationship exists between an effectively planned workforce and an organisation’s business performance. When this is done right, integrated workforce planning will help to provide insights that show the specific details of how your plan is affecting the business and give a clear overview of your organization’s performance metrics, so that realistic goals can be set for the future of the business. The extent of dedication and contribution of each unit of a workforce according to the plan adopted by the organisation has a considerable impact on their organisation’s output, hence, the importance of a proper workforce plan.

It is no news that the entire world is currently going through a pandemic. This pandemic, through the compulsory lockdowns implemented by different governments, has dealt a huge blow to businesses, especially in the area of business performance. Though these restrictions are currently being relaxed and businesses are getting back into operation, many business executives now have to devise a means to plan their workforce cost-effectively as this is instrumental to their business success, considering that business operations have had to be toned down in the past and revenue has been significantly reduced. According to recent research carried out by Gartner, 71% of executives are worried about continuity and business productivity during the pandemic.

In light of these emerging realities, it, therefore, becomes important that all business executives prioritise cost-effectiveness while creating a workforce plan in order to improve business performance.

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