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Find the right talent for your business needs. We deliver high performance, cost-effective staffing solutions when you need it, on-site or virtually.

When it comes to finding the right people, our credibility is built on the strength of our delivery model. At Staffing and Co., our associate staff are highly skilled and capable of executing your business objectives efficiently. With our established track record of delivering reliable and dependable services, some of our clients have been with us since we started. When you partner with us, the challenges and logistics of managing a large workforce for performance is no longer your concern, but rather ours. We help you focus on your core while we execute on your non-core.

Digital Marketing Force

From small businesses to large organisations, our digital marketing professionals have the knowledge and experience to deliver and execute a vast array of digital initiatives to meet your marketing needs across the eight core elements that make up digital marketing.

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Sales Force

Our Sales Force Outsourcing solution is positioned to increase your probability of success by providing Salesforce Strategic Support to enable your organisation meet and exceed its business goals and objectives.

Job Opportunities

Administration & Operations Management

Our highly skilled full-time managers and administrative staff are carefully selected to suit your organization’s changing needs.

Tech Solutions

Information Technology

Staffing and Co. specialises in information technology staffing, providing IT talents to help deploy, upgrade and support technology systems. We do not only provide you with highly-qualified IT staff with the required technical skills but also ensure that they have all the soft skills needed to perform effectively on the job.

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Finance & Accounting

We rely on a robust pool of finance professionals, business-first strategic approach, and reliable and dependable performance management tools to supply highly qualified experts for every position every time, anytime.

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Human Resources

Staffing and Co. has years of experience in human resources as a HR staffing and recruiting agency. From entry-level candidates to top management, our portfolio of candidates is extensive, with hundreds of vetted professionals.

Engineering/ Technical

Our Engineering professionals have the knowledge and experience to develop new technological solutions, engineer design processes, define problems, conduct and narrow research, find and analyze solutions, and make decisions.

Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about managing support staff, so let us worry about it.

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