Primera MFB

Primera MFB

A leading Microfinance Bank with fully licensed technology driven finance platform offering financial solutions to both individuals and businesses. With headquarters in Lagos Nigeria, the company has an indelible digital footprint across the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria and carries out daily operations from Lagos, Nigeria.

Our client needed to increase their revenue as do all businesses. One of their major business offerings is their loan services to businesses and individuals and for them, a growing deposit base meant more customers and in turn more revenue for the business. A vibrant salesforce that could aggressively drive sales for their financial products and services was critical to them achieving their growth target. They did not need to reinvent the wheel but rather leveraged Staffing and Co’s expertise in recruiting and managing Direct Sales Agents (DSAs) that will, in turn, drive up deposits and overall bottom line.

These were the 2-step approach they executed to achieve this:

 They focused on their core which was banking and broke into components their various operations asides from core banking that will culminate in increased revenue. Top of the list was their sales operations part of the business.

They outsourced their sales team to Workforce group, a leading outsourcing partner of choice and that was the differentiator for them. The DSAs were sourced, recruited and deployed by Staffing and Co to our client and that was the beginning of the partnership that works.

A high-performance team that had consistently delivered YoY growth in deposit up to the tune of ….%. Their performance was so stellar that most of the then outsourced staff had to be converted to full staff and a new set of DSAs deployed in a bid to further drive revenue growth. By partnering with us, our client has massively increased their market share and grown revenue consistently. Call us to schedule a free consultation and discover how we can support your sales function and business growth.

Running a business is hard enough without also having to worry about managing support staff, so let us worry about it.

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